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APEX Coach is a New York based family owned and operated charter bus company, with deep history of serving customer's needs. We provide charter buses for all occasions. Accommodations of our customer's desires  and safety are our main priorities. Our drivers go through full-time training program, and we employ full-time Driver Safety Coordinator. All of our drivers are 19A certified to transfer students. APEX Coach operates the finest buses in New York area, that consists of Mercedes-Benz Setra 56 passenger and Van Hool 57 passenger buses. Our vehicles undergo daily inspections and rigorous scheduled maintenance programs to ensure they are in top working condition for every trip.

APEX Coach conveniently located in Brooklyn just few miles away from Wall Street and within 30 minutes from all the major airports. Our current customers include local colleges and schools, travel agencies, religious and interest groups. We are very proud with our customer support structure, that provides 24 hours a day and 7 days a week customer service. APEX Coach will never let you down!!!

Apex Coach Bus Rental

There are just so many different sites to see and attractions to enjoy throughout the beautiful and amazing place called New York City.  Explaining just how amazing this metropolitan city is in words is nearly impossible to do regardless if you have just visited this city a few times or lived there for many years.  However, when you are visiting New York City, there is so much to do and so little time available to get it all done. 

Fortunately, there is an efficient way that you can save both time and money while also taking full advantage of the opportunity to explore as much as this city has to offer within a small timeframe.  What is this "secret" method?  You need to invest in coach bus and charter bus rentals in order to enjoy popular NYC bus tours during your stay.

Coach Buses

When it comes to coach buses, comfort and efficiency are the two primary factors that are involved which draw a large crowd of New York City tourists each year. Many people may decide to avoid using any type of shuttle bus or coach bus rental, deciding to get around the city by using transit buses instead.  One of the major selling points that a coach bus rental will offer you is the chance to enjoy a luggage hold within the actual bus that is separated from the main cabin.  For extensive trips around the city, the additional benefit of having a toilet and comfortable seating readily available by investing in a coach bus rental is yet another appealing perk. 

Charter Bus Rental

Most tourism groups and organizations have been able to enjoy a substantial amount of enjoyment simply by making the decision to charter buses for their New York City bus tours instead of relying on their forms of transportation.  Group members can save a substantial amount of money by chipping in monetarily to cover the expenses for this bus instead of being forced to pay the fees associated by driving their own vehicles throughout the busy and congested streets of New York City.  Just like in the case of most coach buses, charter buses also have comfortable seating and toilets to make sure that passengers have everything they need to endure extensive road trips.

New York City Bus Tours

People that usually charter buses and invest in a worthwhile charter bus rental will usually enjoy statewide New York bus tours to be able to enjoy everything that the entire state has to offer besides just what could be found within New York City alone.  However, even if you decide to use a shuttle bus for the tour, it is truly important that you base your transportation decision on the needs of the group.

Focus on the group size as well as the overall duration of the trip.  NYC bus tours will usually last for several hours, but that does not include the length of time that it took for them to travel to and from the city as well.  Along with finding an efficient and cost-effective form of transportation, it is essential for you to make sure that you find the most comfortable transportation available.  In most cases, coach and charter buses are the very best options.